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Discover leading research that brings eHealth and mHealth technologies into the hands of Albertans.

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Our mission is to improve patient-centered care, healthcare access, and timeliness for Alberta's diverse populations.

Enhancing Healthcare Equity in Alberta

Health innovation for infection prevention and control

The bundle of projects will look at the application of various eHealth tools to enhance aspects of infection prevention control, starting with hand hygiene compliance. This area includes a partnership with Cisco Canada to implement an interactive hand hygiene...

Theme 1: Bridging Community and Acute Care


Uniting researchers, decision-makers, and digital health innovators to ensure seamless, inclusive, and scalable healthcare implementation in acute and community-based care settings. 

Where innovation meets healthcare


Hand extended, showcasing digital health possibilities at fingertips—a symbol of accessibility

Evaluate distributed data vending with blockchain to transform electronic health records by encouraging data distribution from owners and enabling large-scale data aggregation with robustness. Working with policy leads and government stakeholders to encourage legislation to comply with recommended standards. 

Building the basic infrastructure to allow data to flow securely

Develop a synthetic data sandbox that drives innovation by allowing innovators to develop products using synthetic health data that reflects the real world and protects citizen privacy during product development.

Developing a pipeline for exceptional analytics and research 

Theme 3: Connectivity and Data Access


We face significant challenges with the lack of health data integration, leading to interoperability issues among patients and care providers. This theme seeks to establish secure and seamless data access and interoperability for improved healthcare. 


A series of projects to better understand the factors, processes, and tools needed to support a vibrant ecosystem. This includes real-time, longitudinal research on if eHealth and mHealth technology development and innovation in Alberta is meeting current goals.

Evaluating the current eHealth and mHealth ecosystem 

While innovators experience challenges navigating the support available to them, there are also unique services that innovators in eHealth and mHealth require that are not readily available. We will work to identify and fill critical gaps in the services available to innovators. 

Bespoke ecosystem support services

Theme 4: Integrated Innovation Ecosystem Support 


By addressing gaps and opportunities in the current ecosystem, our aim is to create a dynamic eHealth and mHealth ecosystem, by identifying resources, matching them with innovators, and improving overall integration. 

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Land Acknowledgement

The University of Calgary, located in the heart of Southern Alberta, both acknowledges and pays tribute to the traditional territories of the peoples of Treaty 7, which include the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprised of the Siksika, the Piikani, and the Kainai First Nations), the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Goodstoney First Nations). The City of Calgary is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta (Districts 5 and 6).

Theme 2: Remote Monitoring and Virtual Care


By leveraging academic research, industry collaboration, and community engagement, Health Everywhere creates a foundation for scaling virtual and mobile health innovations for virtual care. 

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