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Advancing eHealth Innovation to Enable Intelligent Patient Monitoring

January 2024

A nurse showing a tablet screen to a patient sitting in a hospital bed

Prevention of pressure injuries (PIs) is a priority for healthcare systems worldwide. Also referred to as pressure ulcers or bedsores, this condition is a skin and soft tissue injury that forms because of constant or prolonged pressure on the skin, typically occurring at bony areas on the body. Most prevalent in healthcare settings where the patient is unable to move frequently enough to relieve the pressure, PIs are painful for the patient and can lead to a deterioration in health, increased hospital stays, and even death. 

To address this issue, W21C partnered with XSENSOR Technology Corporation, a Calgary-based company that designs, manufactures, and sells advanced pressure-imaging systems for use in medical environments worldwide. With support from W21C’s research team, this led to the creation of a novel pressure sensing device - the ForeSite PT™ System. 

XSENSOR ForeSite display screen

In late 2007, an opportunity arose for W21C to partner with XSENSOR in the development and testing of a health innovation. The main objectives of this initiative were to better understand the potential of innovative technology to support healthcare providers in caring for patients at risk of pressure injuries. 

W21C’s initial role was to collect and analyze focus group feedback from physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and pressure mapping experts. Over time this progressed to usability testing of a protype device in a simulated Intensive Care Unit.


Each phase of W21C research was followed by a design cycle at XSENSOR that consisted of research on every aspect of the system, including overall architecture, transducer design, sensing electronics, software, mechanical design, and packaging. 

Through funding provided by Alberta Innovates ‘Accelerating Innovations into Care’ program, XSENSOR once again, approached W21C in 2023 to support the evaluation and impact on workflow of an updated system (referred to as ForeSite IS) in acute and long-term care, and to evaluate the device’s ability to predict skin breakdown of patients at elevated risk of PIs. This study is currently under way at Foothills Medical Centre and throughout several long-term care sites in the Calgary area. 

To learn more about this project and its commercial capabilities, please visit XSENSOR’s website.  

Image Sources: Adobe Stock (top), (middle)

Dr. Jaime Kaufman

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