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Theme 1 - Bridging Community and Acute Care

Uniting researchers, decision-makers, and digital health innovators to ensure seamless, inclusive, and scalable healthcare implementation in acute and community-based care settings.

Health innovation for infection prevention and control


This bundle of projects focuses on industry partnerships and the application of eHealth tools to...

Date TBD

Theme 2 - Remote Monitoring and Virtual Care

By leveraging academic research, industry collaboration, and community engagement, Health Everywhere creates a foundation for scaling virtual and mobile health innovations for virtual care.

Theme 3 - Connectivity and Data Access

We face significant challenges with the lack of health data integration, leading to interoperability issues among patients and care providers. This theme seeks to establish secure and seamless data access and interoperability for improved healthcare.

Developing a pipeline for exceptional analytics and research


Develop a synthetic data sandbox that drives innovation by allowing innovators to develop products using synthetic...

Date TBD

Theme 4 - Integrated Innovation Ecosystem Support

By addressing gaps and opportunities in the current ecosystem, our aim is to create a dynamic eHealth and mHealth ecosystem, by identifying resources, matching them with innovators, and improving overall integration.

Evaluating the current eHealth and mHealth ecosystem


A series of projects to better understand the factors, processes, and tools needed to support a vibrant ecosystem. This...

Date TBD

Bespoke ecosystem support services


While innovators experience challenges navigating the support available to them, there are also unique services...

Date TBD

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